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Jeff Hyde

Founder and president of Bonnie and Hyde Inc.

Jeff is a consummate professional with an engine that never stops, working to deliver the best for his business and community. Both as an athlete and businessman, Jeff has devoted much of his life to skiing as well as the outdoor and winter sports industry. He is a former freestyle competitor specializing in bumps, aerial's and ballet. 

Bonnie Hyde

Bonnie has a keen sense of style and fashion that compliments the business. She enjoys fashion merchandising, interior design, skiing, and quality family time when away from work. Bonnie also has a deep love for traveling the world. 

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Dakota Hyde

Dakota is a former member of the U.S. Skeleton Olympic Development Team. He covers a six state territory span for Bonnie & Hyde Inc. Dakota enjoys skiing, mountaineering, and running. Currently serving on the Weber County Search & Rescue team, as an EMT and member of the Mountain Rescue Association, Dakota assists with rescues year-round. 

River Hyde 

River Hyde, the youngest of the Hyde Clan has an affinity with the arts. He is a an up and coming graphic designer with a strong marketing sense. He enjoys socializing with people and makes friends with everyone. River manages Detours Paddle Board and Rental shop in Huntsville Utah and recently completed a graphic design internship with Salt Lake Comic Con. In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors, skiing, performing with his acoustic guitar, and viewing new movie releases.